Human Capital Management Software

“Great companies work like a well-oiled machine”. In today’s digital and information era its very important that organizations are connected to all the employees & processes across geographies which not only helps them to review on a timely basis but also keeps engagement levels high. One of the function which sees maximum pressure and transactions is Human Resource.

Hence one of the most efficient ways to manage this function is by automating the processes and systems. Since HR impacts every department, HR software can facilitate all the employee transactions making it seamless and central. HR ERP HR software supports all employee life cycle transactions smoothly. HR Automation has many benefits from increase in productivity, morale, reduction of errors, Time Lines to addressing key issues systematically, managing better compliance, transparency, better employee engagement levels, central control & more.

HR ERP constantly reviews information and displays key ratios/ indicators with the management from time to time. HR ERP has inbuilt HR Analytical tools that allow management to review data and trends such as attrition percentage, cost of hiring, investment, ROI, Budget utilization, PMS, training, Payroll, Audit Reports & More. Implementing HR ERP in business, key decision makers can take timely and accurate steps to enhancing business processes and policies.

HR ERP is a combination of efficient, effective, accurate & smart HR system as a result companies using our system have seen a major change and improvement.

HR ERP is a robust HR System covering all the process from Budgeting to Post exit life cycle management, Recruitment to Payroll, Goal setting to Training, Skill mapping to succession Planning, Analytics & more. HR Systems are one of the most valuable investments and change management tool organizations can make in making Human Resources a more robust and dynamic function.

Our HR Software has a versatile capability to capture processes and transactions from Manpower Budgeting, Recruitment, Onboarding, HR Transactions/ Operations, Leave/ Time/ Attendance, Salaries, Loans, , Travel Management, Reimbursements, Performance Management Process, Learning and Development, Compliances, Exits, Reimbursements, HR Analytics and more. HR ERP – HR Software is headquartered in Estonia and is serving clients globally.

HR ERP not only has a great versatility in the offerings but is also very agile to accommodate any customized needs of our clients globally.