“World is one place and opportunities far too many”. The most popular route to migrate is: secure a Job or through the investment plan in the country.

 Job Route:

We provide immigration services for Poland and Canada facilitating all our clients in smooth transition& migration.


We are providing work visa under various skillsets and levels and support all our clients and candidates in identifying the right fit for the job. Achieving the desired organization goals, key job duties, career aspirations are our primary focus and hence we build a strong selection process.

  • We provide work permit with job (Blue Collar Category)

We share the profiles of our candidates with our clients and based on the work experience and certifications they are selected to perform jobs in the country. Client usually sponsors the work permit, air fare, accommodation, medical facility with work visa extension based on the performance, attitude of the candidate.

  • Sponsor and work permit with job assistance (White Collar Category).

We get a sponsor for securing a valid work permit. Once the work permit is secured, we engage with our clients sharing our candidates profile with the relevant jobs based on the background of the candidate, experience etc. and setup interviews with the companies in Poland. We have a good network and presence hence we assist in lining job interviews. We guide our candidates in the entire journey enhancing a successful Interview outcome.

We also support our candidates in converting work permit to Temporary work permit, Blue Card and PR Filing along the entire journey. We would be charging candidates for the conversion as per the prevailing government fees from time to time.

Investment Route: Europe

We also have an investment program for Europe wherein by identifying the right investment model and country we support a smooth transition of migration, Permanent Residency filing, Citizenship process etc. We firmly believe that successful migration happens only when the company and candidates are fully aware on the process, expectations, timelines and important milestones during the whole journey.

Moving to a new country is absolutely a new experience and learning hence we share right knowledge with our candidates so that they are aware on the cultural, political, social, economic, technological developments of the country and geography Under the Investment Program we identify the right investment structure, country and process with our esteemed clients and support them in the entire journey.


  • For Canada we provide Fast track Permanent Residency services.
Payment Terms for Poland / Canada:

There are two phases in which we will take payment:

  • 40% of the fees will be taken at the time of submission of documents.
  • Agreement signing is initiated post we receive the payment online.
  • “60% of the fees is taken post original work permit is handed over to the candidate (Postdated cheque)”.
  • For Poland work visa – once passport is stamped with work visa we engage with companies for setting up interviews.

Note: Incase application is rejected by the embassy of the 40% which is received, 50% of the amount will be returned. i.e. example if we take INR 2 Lakhs we will return INR 1 Lakh. If the documents submitted are found fake or any information shared not correct and as a result end up being rejected no reimbursement of the fees will be done.


Poland (Work Visa with job/ work visa with job assistance)– 3 months to 6 months’ time, Canada – 8 months to 12 months’ time,

“We provide premium services to all our clients and candidates and maintain high level of transparency and ethical standard along the whole journey”. Career building is both an Art and a responsibility and we handle the whole process with lot of care and personal touch.